Wednesday, June 7, 2023

WhatsApp will let you set username: Will this improve your privacy?

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WhatsApp has been continuously rolling out features both for Android as well as iOS version, and now this username feature will allow WhatsApp users to select a username for their profile. 

Just the way we can select usernames for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, the same way now there will be a username for WhatsApp users as well.

The WhatsApp username feature is still under development, and it hasn’t even been rolled out to beta users right now. The WhatsApp Android Beta which has been recently released will have this feature eventually. Once it has been tested, it will then be rolled out to other users. 

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WABetainfo has released an image of what usernames in WhatsApp might look like. Every username has to be unique, which means no two people can have the same username on WhatsApp. So, let’s look into how you can set your username on WhatsApp. 

How to set up a username on WhatsApp?

First when you open WhatsApp, you can see the three dots menu on the top right corner. Tap on that and then the drop down menu will appear. From the drop down menu, tap on Settings. 

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After you reach settings, then go to profile. In profile you’ll get to see profile picture, then name and then username. That is where you can enter your WhatsApp username.

How will the WhatsApp username feature work? 

WABetaInfo has shared the image but it isn’t clear yet how the username feature on WhatsApp will work. WhatsApp may allow users to communicate using the username instead of revealing their real names for privacy concerns. But, again you can only reach out to someone on WhatsApp, if you have their number. So, privacy concerns don’t really cut it. 

Let’s hope for some more clarity on WhatsApp soon as it releases the username feature to users worldwide.

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