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WhatsApp Chat Lock: The secret to keep your chats even more private

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WhatsApp is rolling out a brand new privacy feature, which was announced earlier this month but was available for WhatsApp beta users only. But now it’s available for everybody, called the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature. 

According to Meta’s official announcement, the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature will now be rolled out to every user. This feature will allow users to safeguard any personal and confidential chats. One can access such chats by entering the device password, pattern, fingerprint or even face recognition.

Also, when WhatsApp Chat Lock is enabled for a certain chat, it will be moved into a different locked folder which can be accessed only through the device unlock options. Also, once you lock a chat, the notifications from the chat won’t pop up anymore ensuring all security measures are taken.

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You can lock an individual chat as well as any group chat. WhatsApp hasn’t applied any kind of restrictions to the new privacy enhancing feature. Let’s have a look at how you can set up the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature on your device.

Set up WhatsApp Chat Lock

First, Open WhatsApp and select the conversation – individual or a group – that you would like to lock.

Now go to the profile of the WhatsApp chat or the group details. 

After the WhatsApp contact details page opens, scroll down and you’ll get the option of “Lock Chat.”

Tap on “Lock Chat” and then they’ll ask you to enter your device password, fingerprint or whatever lock option you have on your phone.

Once done, your chat is locked and secured and no one can possibly open it without knowing your password or using your fingerprint.

After you lock the chat, you will have to pull down your WhatsApp home screen in order to get access to the locked chats. WhatsApp has just begun spreading the feature all across the globe and within the next couple of days all WhatsApp users will have access to this feature. 

Also, definitely look for updates on the App Store, then you can possibly get the update as and when it’s available in your country. 

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This feature will definitely be of use to each and every user, as you simply don’t have to lock the entire WhatsApp to just secure one confidential chat. 

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