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Samsung One UI 5 Watch revealed: Top features explained

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Samsung’s One UI 5 OS for Watches has been in talks for quite a while now. So, finally Samsung made an official announcement of the smartwatch OS. With the announcement of the OS, its features have also been revealed and how it is better than its predecessors.

Let’s have a look at the areas of change and new features that come with the smartwatch OS- Samsung One UI 5.

Features of the Samsung One UI 5 Watch

Samsung revealed that their smartwatch OS would bring in improvements in three sectors- sleep tracking, activity tracking and user safety. So, what are these improvements which the OS has made than its predecessors? 

One UI 5 Watch will bring in a sleep score for every night, taking into consideration the sleep phases, snoring and blood oxygen level. This would help users in reconstructing their sleeping schedule and have healthy sleeping habits. So, the smartwatches with the new OS will automatically have the sleep coaching on to keep your sleep cycles in place.

Another very useful feature of the OS is its Smart-things incorporation. So this feature allows the Samsung smartwatch to detect when you are asleep and immediately disconnect with the connected devices to help you have a sound sleep.

This new OS is all about keeping you healthy. So, this comes with a feature which allows calculation of personalised heart rate zones while running. The OS will also bring in a calculator for five workout intensity levels- warm-up, fat burning, cardio, hard train and max effort. This would notify the users what would be the right time to stop working out so that you do not cause yourself any sort of pain or trouble.

This One UI 5 Watch also brings in a more efficient SOS feature which would allow direct communication with the emergency services that would provide them the user’s location as well as all your medical history. Also, there will also be a feature that would detect if anybody falls especially for people above 55.

So, there are certain phones that would only connect with the new smartwatch OS. But, talking about smartwatches, this OS will have a beta version later this month for the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series will be launched with the new OS in it and will be the first smartwatch to support it.

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