Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Pixel Fold, new A.I features expected

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Google opens with music partially made with A.I.

Ahead of the start of Google I/O, attendees are getting a free concert from indie electronic artist Dan Deacon.

Deacon’s song, “When I’m done dying,” was made partially by Google’s generative AI tools, he said. The background was made by an image generator reacting to the song’s lyrics.

“I’m going to play some songs, and a lot of the content is going to be made using Phenaki, Bard, and MusicLM,” Deacon said. — Kif Leswing

A.I. should be center-stage at Google I/O 2023

Google launched Bard AI, it’s own chatbot to rival Microsoft and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Jonathan Raa | Nurphoto | Getty Images

This year, lots of Google’s announcements are expected to center around artificial intelligence. AI has become the hottest part of the technology industry, partially due to attention from OpenAI and rival Microsoft, which has integrated so-called “large language models” that can spit out fluent text and image generators that can spit out original pictures into its Bing search engine.

But Google was heavily involved in the creation of these technologies, in particular, the transformers architecture that ChatGPT and other rivals use. It has its own chatbot, Bard, which is currently limited only to a select number of beta testers. It also has one of the strongest AI departments, which was recently reorganized to become Google DeepMind. — Kif Leswing

We’re here at Google I/O 2023

Google I/O 2023

Jennifer Elias | CNBC

We’re here at Google I/O 2023 seated and ready for the event to begin.

The keynote should last a couple of hours and announcements will likely run the gamut from software to hardware news. But, as we’ve already said, artificial intelligence is likely going to be the key focus of Google I/O 2023.

The company is planning to announce a number of generative AI updates, including launching a general-use large language model (LLM), CNBC reported on Monday. — Jennifer Elias

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