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Pixel 7a’s official promo leaks before Google I/O 2023: Know all about it

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The Google I/O will be unfolding today later tonight India time. With that we will be introduced to various new devices, including the Pixel 7a – the most hotly anticipated product from Google. 

However, merely hours before the Google I/O 2023 keynote, the promo video of Pixel 7a, has been leaked. This promo video reveals the Pixel 7a’s colour variants and the camera features that the device possesses. Let’s look at what the promo video has revealed.

Leaks about the Pixel 7a from the promo video

The Pixel 7a promo video has been leaked and this suggests what the phone will look like along with its internal hardware. So, earlier there were leaks about the device’s colour variants and that has been confirmed by this promo video showing that the device has four different colours. The Grey and Light Blue are two very unique shades but the other two shades look quite similar to one another if you check it out at one go. 

Google has very carefully played the colour game keeping in mind what kind of colours users would prefer. The way there are common gradients like black and white, there is also this pastel blue shade which a lot of people might prefer. 

To be very honest, at this point Google doesn’t have the resources or budget to focus on the colour of the device as Apple does and bring some distinct colours for its devices. 

Let’s now focus on the camera. The promo leak suggests that the camera is outstanding even though it is not Pixels flagship phone of the year. But, this smartphone will be a great competition to the competitor’s flagship when it comes to cameras. The phone has an outstanding feature added to the camera which is the Night Sight. Definitely, Google has given their all to make this a great successor for all other Pixel phones. 

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To get on board with what else Google has to offer at the Google I/O, you can now livestream  the event. Details below…

Where to watch Google I/O 2023 livestream?

The entire event will be available on Google’s YouTube Channel and also on Google’s official page. Through these mediums you can easily livestream the tech giant’s event. 

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