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Official ChatGPT app experience is unique in both big and little ways

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The official ChatGPT app for iOS is available in India now. You can download it from the Apple App Store for free. It’s not just a powerful conversational AI chatbot in your pocket. I realized it from the get-go. Here’s how I started using it and how that experience went about.

How to download ChatGPT app on phone

1. Go to the Apple App Store and search for ChatGPT.

2. Click the one with the subtitle: The Official App by OpenAI. It is currently rated No. 1 in the productivity category on the App Store. The version I currently have is 1.2023.23 and the size is 16 MB (as per the store listing).


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3. Click on the Get symbol and authorize the download by Face ID or giving Apple ID credentials.

4. Once downloaded, open the ChatGPT app on your iPhone.

How to use ChatGPT app on phone

Well, the very first time I opened the app, what made me thrilled is the haptics of the app. It employs vibration whenever the chatbot talks/responds to you. That is every time it types something. However, if you don’t like it, you can disable it in the ChatGPT app’s settings accessible from the 3-dot menu. 


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I wished it a good morning and it wished me back and asked how can it assist me. I asked it what the weather is like and it apologized for its inability to answer that since it doesn’t have access to real-time data. The good thing is that it recommended me instead to check a reliable website. When asked, it gave me examples of some good websites to get that information.

Now, I asked this specific set of questions to check a few things. 

3 things to note about ChatGPT app experience

1. It is quick to access and offers fast responses. Faster than I assumed. It is miles better than 3rd party ChatGPT clones and shortcuts. Currently, it is based on an older GPT 3.5 model and so, we are sure it will be better when it is finally updated to GPT 4

2. It is conversational. Even if I don’t frame a question in a proper grammatical structure, it could understand the context and respond accordingly. That’

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3. In case you’re wondering, it has the same limitations as the ChatGPT web version. It can’t or tries to answer anything outside its scope. So, don’t expect (at least for now) it to give you real-time web results or answers. I didn’t try but don’t expect it to answer your NSFW or nefarious queries. There may be exceptions of course.

You can buy ChatGPT Plus version and gain more premium features.

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