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iPhone 15 will be assembled in India, thanks to Tata Group

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iPhone 15 has been rumoured for a while now and different leaks and tips have been revealing the nitty gritties of the device every now and then. However, a new report claims the upcoming iPhone will have a deeper Indian connection. 

Recent reports from TrendForce reveal that Tata Group is all set to become the fourth iPhone assembler for Apple. The pandemic has forced Apple to diversify its supply chain and take this step ahead. So, the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus is believed to be assembled here in India and Tata has all the rights of distribution all across the country.

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There are four iPhone assemblers now- Foxconn, Luxshare, Pegatron and Tata Group. So, TrendForce has also given a distribution pattern of the iPhone Series Assembly Orders from these 4 companies.

Cited from TrendForce

Apple’s iPhone relocation plan

The report by TrendForce also suggests that there are 3 implications that can justify this relocation. 

Tata is the largest and one of the most prestigious conglomerates in India. So, they must have received a huge number of orders for the iPhone 15 series. Hence, this might indicate that India will be responsible for the first wave of shipments for the new iPhones.

Tata’s entry in the iPhone assembly also indicates the exit of Wistron’s exit.

iPhone 12 Pro Max assembly was fine by Luxshare when they joined in 2020. So, after that Tata will be the next company to undertake the assembly of the new iPhone that too at a huge scale. 

So, even though trends show Tata’s share to be only 5% for the iPhone models in 2023, an acceleration is prevalent.

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