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Google Pixel Buds A-series colour, expected specs, price: Exciting enough?

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With Google I/O around the corner, eagerly awaited devices like the Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet are expected to finally be officially revealed. Except for these mobile devices, excitement is building for the Pixel Buds A-series 2023 edition as well. Before it could be officially launched, leaks have already suggested its colour and certain specification.

Let’s look into the colour and certain specifications that the leaks have revealed about the Google Pixel Buds A-series 2023.

Leaked colour of the Pixel Buds A-series 2023: 

Some of the marketing images were leaked of the upcoming Pixel Buds A-series. According to these pictures, the earbuds have a pale blue colour which can also be termed as light blue. 

Earlier in March there were leaks about the same earbuds but now the leaks have provided a better insight and clearer pictures. Also, something to be noted is that, the Pixel Buds A colour has been tried to match up with the Arctic Blue colour of Pixel 7a.

Leaked specifications of the Pixel Buds A-series

According to the leaks, apparently there isn’t much of a change in the specifications of the 2023 edition of Pixel Buds A-series TWS earbuds compared to its predecessor, the A-series that was launched in 2021. They have just made a new colour out of it, according to reports. Take these reports with a pinch of salt, as Google may pull a proverbial rabbit out of the hat and surprise everyone while launching the Pixel Buds A-series, fingers crossed.

If we talk about specifications, keeping in mind the previous A-series buds, then they are expected to have a great touch panel, it sits very comfortably in the ear unlike the Pixel Buds Pro and a good hold of the spatial audio.

However, the Pixel Buds A-series might come with some cons as well, according to early online sentiment. Certain reports claim that these buds may exhibit some of the same flaws of the 2021 model with respect to performance, however not having tested these hitherto unreleased TWS earbuds we will refrain from making any definitive value judgement about their overall performance. 

How do you think the Pixel Buds A-series TWS earbuds perform? Let us know in the comments below, while we get to the expected pricing of these earbuds.

Leaked price of Pixel Buds A-series

According to the leaks, these buds will be priced the same as the previous model of 2021. That comes for about $99. In India the launch price was about ₹10,000 but at this point of time the price has gone down to around ₹6,000 as well. So, hopefully the launch price for the new buds will be around ₹10,000, which might get heavily discounted soon after. 

To know more about all the necessary details of the Pixel Buds A-series, we’ll have to wait for it to officially launch at the Google I/O.

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