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Elon Musk wants you to find your next job on Twitter as it takes on Linkedin

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Twitter buys a hiring company after firing most of its employees. The new company’s name is Laskie, a tech recruitment service company. Musk has some ideas behind this purchase, which we will read in a bit, but this could also be just one of the features of his ambitious super app purportedly called X. 

 Twitter could be the new LinkedIn thanks to Laskie’s acquisition

Laskie is Twitter’s first acquisition after Elon Musk bought it in the fall of 2022. The deal has been done for “tens of millions” in a combination of stock and cash. 

It claims to be user-first and employs its proprietary algorithm to match tech talent with potential employees. It aims to “confirm mutual interest, set clear expectations, and give visibility into the hiring process.”

However, it isn’t particularly clear how Musk intends to integrate Laskie into Twitter. It is being speculated that Laskie could be one of the building blocks of X. For the uninitiated, X is Musk’s all-encompassing super app in the veins of the Chinese app WeChat. 

But can Twitter be LinkedIN? In other words:

Could Twitter be where you can find your next job?

Well, Twitter is a social platform that one uses primarily for reacting to real-time events and microblogging. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is aimed at professional networking and sharing your professional updates.

Writers and professionals from Journalism backgrounds do currently use Twitter for this purpose to an extent. Perhaps, that could extend to other careers too. For that to happen, Twitter will have to encourage an environment wherein folks feel comfortable sharing their professional details without fear of judgement. 

So, if it does bring Laskie into the fold, Twitter needs to add the following features:

1. Maybe as part of the Twitter Blue badge, users can get the option to create a professional profile, share job opportunities, and announce their interest as if they are “Open to work”.

2. Career enhancement solutions like LinkedIn courses and webinars with proper progress tracking that helps people to learn and improve their chances in life and career. 

3. An option for you to connect with people from your interested fields.

Let’s see how Musk decided to incorporate Laskie into Twitter.

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