Tuesday, June 6, 2023

DeSantis Hopes to Seem Like Normal Person by Appearing Next to Elon Musk

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TALLAHASSEE (The Borowitz Report)—Ron DeSantis is hoping to seem like a normal person by appearing next to Elon Musk, the Governor’s campaign has confirmed.

“Throughout the past few months, with his attacks on Disney, migrants, and books, Ron has, unfortunately, given the impression that he is bizarre,” one aide said. “And the white boots didn’t help, either.”

The aide said that, once voters compare DeSantis to the Twitter chief, “there’s at least a chance that Ron will seem somewhat normal.”

According to the aide, the campaign decided to pair DeSantis with Musk after considering a shortlist of other foils, including Mickey Rourke, Dennis Rodman, and Ginni Thomas.

In an official statement about his joint appearance with DeSantis, Musk said that he was “thrilled” that he had finally convinced someone to come into the office.

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