Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Deal alert: iPhone 12 Mini at massive 58-percent discount on Flipkart

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With the iPhone 15 and WWDC 23 just around the corner, ecommerce portals are getting into the groove with massive discounts on latest as well as older iPhone models. With iPhone 14 Plus on discount for the day as well, the iPhone 12 Mini is also available at a massive discount.

iPhone 12 Mini is smaller in size as its name says. In this generation of huge smartphones, this is a great option if you want a small compact yet a great phone. But price wise it’s nothing less than its iPhone counterparts. But today, it’s available for you on Flipkart at a great price. 

The iPhone 12 Mini is originally priced at ₹59,900 and Flipkart has already given an initial discount of ₹8901 and brought it down to ₹50,999. Now, by availing the offers on Flipkart, you can get it at as low as ₹20,999 viz almost a discount of ₹30,000. You can avail the exchange offer or the bank offers. Let’s have a look at the offers Flipkart has on the iPhone 12 Mini.

Flipkart exchange offer on iPhone 12 Mini 

You can exchange your old smartphone and get a discount of ₹30,000 and purchase the iPhone 12 Mini at ₹20,999. But, the exchange amount totally depends on the model and condition of your old phone and also the availability of exchange in the area where you stay. 

Flipkart Bank offers on iPhone 12 Mini

There is a bank offer on the phone as well, but it isn’t as huge as that of the exchange offer. 

If you have a Flipkart Axis Bank Card, then you’ll receive a cashback of 5% if you buy the iPhone 12 Mini using this particular card. In case, if you don’t want to pay the entire amount at a go, you can also avail no-cost EMI options as well. 

Also, with that you’ll get a surprise cashback coupon which will be available till November, 2023. 

This offer stands only for the day, so login to Flipkart and get your hands on the small and compact iPhone.

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