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CS:GO Paris Major 2023: It’s end of the road for G2, ENCE, 9INE, FURIA, and BNE as Day 3 of the Legends stage comes to a close

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Day 3 of the Legends stage of the Paris Major 2023 was filled with emotions for the fans and players alike. On the one hand, we had underdogs making it to the big leagues against all odds. On the other hand, we had legends whom everyone expected to make it big at the Paris Major, crash-out after a poor run of form.


CS:GO Paris Major 2023: Legends Stage – Day 3 – G2 and ENCE crash out of the running for the playoffs


In the first game of the second-last day of the Legends stage, we had ENCE face-off against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Ninjas sneaked in a 2-0 win and got a foot into the door of the Champions stage (play-offs of the tournament). FaZe, in their match against Bad News Eagles, got off to a shaky start with many expecting them to crash out. However, they held their own, and made sure that they scraped to a 2-1 win.


The upsets of the day started with NAVI losing out in a stunner of a game against Monte, led by ex-NAVI stalwart sdy (a.k.a. somedieyoung). The matchup looked even on the first map of the series when NAVI lost to Monte 16-12. However, they were thrashed by Monte on the second map of the series. They lost 16-2, one of their biggest loss margins at the big stage in some time.



Liquid continued their surprising run of form into their game against Into the Breach, handing them a 2-0 wipeout. 


The second upset of the day came when G2, whom everyone had expected to reach the playoffs, if not get their hands on the trophy. They lost 2-1 against fnatic, who have shown why they deserved this win. It was a sad day for not only G2, but CS:GO fans, as one of the best players of the game will be going out without a Major trophy to his name.


The day closed off with Apeks, who had also shown a lot of promise in the Challengers stage, coming into the Legends stage of the Paris Major 2023, losing their best of three match against GamerLegion. GL’s win came as a big surprise as they had shown bit of brilliance, but weren’t expected to stage such an impressive performance.


Heroic, Gamer Legion, Vitality, Monte, and Liquid with three wins in their bag have sealed a spot for themselves in the playoffs which are set to start on Thursday. And, 9INE, FURIA, ENCE, Bad News Eagles, and G2 will be boarding a bus to de_airport. With three spots still up for grabs, it will be interesting to see how things unfold on the last day of the Legends stage of the Paris Major 2023.


Here’s how the points table looked like at the end of Day 3 of the Legends stage of the Paris Major 2023 –



On the last day of the Legends stage, we have only three matches that are set to be played. Here’s the schedule –


Paris major 2023 schedule legends stage day 4


To get all of our coverage of the Paris Major 2023, check out this page.


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