Tuesday, June 6, 2023

ChatGPT rivals Bard even more with its new features

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AI chabot war gets interesting with each passing day as the key players either innovate or inspire from each other. ChatGPT also gets citation feature similar to Google Bard. The difference is Bard relies on Google search while ChatGPT relies on Bing. 

Talking about other changes, Google Bard will now be giving pictures with Google search on when you ask it for something. On the other hand, ChatGPT has now collaborated with Bing and with the help of that it will be giving real-time answers sourced from the web.

Google Bard and Google search engine

Google Bard calls this an experimental update and that as soon as you ask Bard for something according to the prompt it will give you the answer along with the latest picture from Google search for that very topic. 

So if you ask Bard about what places you should visit for your Ladakh trip, it won’t only give you the names but on the backend Google images will work on it and give you the exact and the most recent picture of the places that Bard will be mentioning. 

According to Google this was implemented by keeping the theory in mind that visualisation makes things easier to understand.

ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing

According to the Microsoft corporate VP ChatGPT has to deal with a huge language model based on pre trained data. So, the lack of internet can make ChatGPT give answers that aren’t really up to date. Even it won’t be able to provide you with any current data.

So, it has now decided to offer Bing search results and citations to all ChatGPT users now. Now, whenever you ask ChatGPT for some answer you’ll definitely get the updated and clarified answer as the internet and Bing search engine comes to use. 

Also, when ChatGPT comes up with an answer now it will also provide the citation and web data available for the question you ask. But unlike Bard, it hasn’t reached the stage to get visualised data as of now. As in you won’t be provided with images.

So if we compare things between Bard and ChatGPT then they have both taken a leap ahead to improve their existence in the AI world. Also, slow and steady wins the race. So, hopefully they’ll be coming up with many more updates very soon. 

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