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A new Call of Duty game reveal could be coming sometime this August

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Well, it looks like we’re getting another Call of Duty game this year. With all the hullabaloo around the Activision Blizzard and Microsoft merger, the company is now looking at showing off its new Call of Duty game sometime in August. The new game doesn’t have a name yet but it looks like it will be developed by Sledgehammer Games. The same developer who’d worked on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Vanguard and WW2. There are several reports that state the game will be revealed to the public on August 1. It seems that Activision is following the protocol as it has already Vanguard was also revealed on August 1, 2021. 

New Call of Duty game coming soon?

Following that pattern, we can assume that the new Call of Duty game will be revealed at the same time. Earlier rumours had pegged the game to be showcased at Sony’s Playstation event later this month but from what we can discern the PlayStation showcase could just focus on Sony’s exclusives. With a rumoured reveal in August, we could expect the game to hit store shelves sometime in November. The rumoured date for the launch is November 10. The game will also reportedly feature Zombies as well. As it should since the zombie add-on has been a fan-favourite over the years. 

The new Call of Duty game was previously thought to have been a part of the Modern Warfare series but there’s no way of verifying that claim. There are beta weekends in October that should give fans a taste of what’s to come but apart from that, all these rumours should be taken with a grain of salt as Activision has not officially released any statements. 

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