Monday, June 5, 2023

WWDC23: iOS 17 leaks reveal new changes coming to iPhones and beyond

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iOS 17 is about to get launched later this year and it seems like there will be a lot of changes it’ll bring to the iPhone. The changes will be so vast that it will also include transitions in Apple’s flagship app Siri.

Not only iOS 17, but with WWDC23 around the corner, a lot of new Apple device launches are also expected. But focussing on iOS 17, it definitely is bringing a whole new moderation in Apple devices.

So, the new changes in features that leaks suggest about iOS 17 will hopefully revolve around are-

1. Font size options for the Lock Screen 

2. A button which would allow sharing custom Lock Screen designs with all iPhone users

3. The lock screen will showcase the lyrics of the song being played on Apple Music

4. A simplified interface with a design change for Apple Music 

5. Renaming the Apple Library folder manually

6. Design changes in the Control Center

7. There will be a flashlight brightness slider which will help easily adjust the brightness like we do for the volume

There was already a rumour around that the iOS 17 would revolutionise the Control Center but enough evidence or information wasn’t available earlier. Now the leak suggests that the changes in the Control Centre wouldn’t really turn the world upside down for an Apple user but the changes are meaningful. So, overall the iOS 17 will have a modest update which will majorly focus on stability and enhancement of the performance.

The MacRumours Show podcast revealed that the expected improvements will be improvised to the Find My and Wallet Apps but it’s quite unlikely to include the customisable lock screen which was introduced with the iOS 16. 

As mentioned earlier, the iOS 17 will be announced at the WWDC keynote and the first beta version of this will be available to developers after that. But the public beta will be available in July and it will spread worldwide in September with the release of iPhone 15.

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