Tuesday, June 6, 2023

WhatsApp ‘Keep in Chat’ feature will let you bookmark messages: Here’s how

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Mark Zuckerberg has been announcing significant changes and features to different applications of META. Recently, there were quite a lot of features added to Instagram and Whatsapp. Now it’s time to introduce a new feature for WhatsApp. This feature was announced via a tweet from the official WhatsApp Twitter account with the caption: “Somethings are worth keeping”. 

The new WhatsApp feature is named ‘Keep in Chat.’ It allows all users to keep the important messages and save them in chat irrespective of whether the disappearing messages option is turned on or not. The disappearing message feature in WhatsApp was introduced to keep any personal conversation safe, as the entire chat would disappear after that. 

But there would be certain messages which you might want to keep in order to refer back for something in the near future. 

How does WhatsApp ‘Keep in Chat’ feature work?

This feature can be used by someone with the consent of the sender of that chat. As someone decides to keep a certain text safe, the sender will get an alert. Then it will be in the hands of the sender, whether they allow the user to keep the text safe or whether they just want it to disappear from the chat. If the sender doesn’t want the other person to keep the text, then the message sent will get deleted after the timer expires. 

How will the ‘Keep in Chat’ feature look like in WhatsApp?

The texts which are saved, will have a bookmark icon on them. Users can go back to these texts via the ‘Kept Messages’ folder. Zuckerberg has announced that people can now discreetly choose which text they want to keep and which they are fine with disappearing. He also added that WhatsApp’s ‘Keep in Chat’ feature is set to reach every user globally within the next few weeks.

So, after the new security features, the ‘Keep in Chat’ is going to be one very useful feature for all WhatsApp users and something that would clear out the mess and keep only what is required in users’ message threads. 

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