Monday, June 5, 2023

Telegram rolls out 7 new features: Here’s what you should know

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Messaging App Telegram has rolled out several new features as a part of a recent update. This includes features like Shareable Chat Folders, Custom Wallpapers among others.

Let’s understand each of these new Telegram features.

1. Improved Bots

With the new update, the in-app bots have been improved. Telegram’s Bots will allow you to launch seamless web apps within any chat. You can access this by directly typing the bot’s name in the chat or by using the direct link.

These web apps will further allow users to collaborate and use the multiplayer feature in Telegram groups.

Further, these bots will now use collectible usernames. This will also include links which do not have the “-bot” ending.

2. Shareable Chat Folders

Telegram users will now be able to share chat folders with other users just by sending a link. At the same time, users will be able to create separate links for different chats and even give them different names. Inviting friends to join work groups and news channels becomes a lot easier with this update.

On these chat folders, you can add links to chats where you have admin rights to add people as well as any public chats.

Later, people will receive notifications suggesting they join new chats whenever you add new chats and update the link.

3. Telegram Premium on Fragment

Bots can now use collectible usernames, including links without the “-bot” suffix. You can also purchase Telegram Premium for yourself or send it as a gift to others through Fragment.

4. Improved Interfaces

The update has even brought new improvements to the user interface. You will be able to do things such as Send When Online , creating groups without adding members immediately , and new animations for DPs on the latest iPhones with a lot more ease.

5. Custom Wallpapers

Like other messaging apps, you can now customise wallpapers for specific chats. Once you’ve set your own wallpaper, you can ask your friends to add the same wallpaper or a different one to the chat. You can even add separate wallpapers to 1-on-1 chats.

6.Fast Scrolling for Attachments

With the new update, you will be able to enjoy fast scrolling on the attachment menu such as Shared Media. At the same time, you can even time travel when you pull down the date bar.

7.Read Time in Topics

Telegram new features,

You can now see the time when your messages were read by other members of the group in read receipts. However, this is limited to groups with less than 100 members.

This update is available globally for both Android and iOS users.

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