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Sony announces its PlayStation Plus free games for the month of May

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Well, we’re in for a bit of a stinker in May. Sony has just announced its lineup of free games for PS Plus subscribers and let me tell you, it’s not looking good. The past few months have seen a bit of a downturn in terms of the quality of games on the basic PS Plus tier. If I were a betting man, I’d speculate that this is Sony’s way of making players pay for the Extra and Premium tiers. There has been a wide range of excellent games on the higher tiers including the Uncharted series, God of War, Arkham Asylum and much more. The company even added the new Wolfenstein games to the catalogue as well. But, if you’re one of the ‘plebs’ who’ve only bought the basic PS Plus tier, you’ll be treated to classics such as GRID Legends, Chivalry 2 and Descenders. 

If you’re into medieval games and such, maybe Chivalry 2 will get you going, but as far as a good lineup of games, this month isn’t it. As we mentioned above, the past few months have seen a dry spell of good games from the service. But, in the interest of all involved, let’s take a brief look at the free games that will be available in May on PS Plus. GRID Legends looks to be some kind of racing simulator without the charm or charisma of a game like Gran Turismo. It looks like it plays well enough but it isn’t something that is going to change the world. Slash your way through waves of enemies in Chivalry 2 and pretend to be in the X-Games in Descenders. 

If you haven’t downloaded or claimed the last month’s free games, you have until May 1 to do so. These games include Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Meet Your Maker and Tails of Iron. As we’ve mentioned above, if you opt for the Extra and Premium tiers of the subscription, you’ll receive access to a much larger selection of quality games. So, the question is, do you have the cash to upgrade or are you happy with your current subscription? 

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