Monday, June 5, 2023

Samsung phones may choose Bing search, beginning of the end for Google?

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How about having an AI powered search engine? Yes! Samsung might have plans of switching the default search engine on their devices from Google Search to Microsoft Bing. 

Samsung being the second biggest smartphone maker in the world, this might be a huge blow to Google, who is considered the king amongst search engines. Imagine if the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G on Amazon came without Google search by default, wouldn’t that be crazy? Now imagine this happening across millions of Samsung phones! 

Microsoft earlier this year modernised their Bing search engine by integrating it with OpenAI’s GPT model and also has the powers of the hotshot at the moment – ChatGPT. How does that make Bing better than Google? Well with the powers of AI, you can ask more complex and tough questions or assign tasks. This was quite a move as Bing was never that well known in the world of search engines. But, now with such a major change and the only search engine with such powers it might set a benchmark. 

The Samsung and Microsoft deal isn’t signed yet though. There are a series of things to consider before this happens. Let’s look into the situations and conditions which will either make it or break it.

Bing vs Google

Google pays Samsung an amount as huge as $3.5 billion per year to stay as the default search engine. So whether Microsoft is ready to pay such an amount or not is the question.

Now, if negotiations will be made based on that is another question. Samsung might want a greater amount to keep Bing as their default search engine but whether Bing or Microsoft take that into consideration or not is still unknown.

It won’t be an easy task to execute. Moving on from Google to Bing will create problems with the Google Play Store as well. All Android OEMa sign Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) so they can have access to Google Play Store Apps including Google search. Now, if Samsung decides to switch will it create a rift between Google and Samsung ending up with Samsung not having access to Google Play Store? Not really a viable option it seems

Google has also begun working on creating its AI space on the search engine and is planning for 4 new AI features at the moment. So, sooner Google gets that, the better. Then Samsung also might reconsider. 

Having an AI based search engine  on your phone would be the need of the hour I presume. Hence, now we’ll have to wait and watch who wins this AI race, is it Google or will Bing emerge as the new Google with extraordinary powers? Only time will tell.

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