Monday, June 5, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S24 could have EV grade battery enhancements among new features

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The flagship smartphone of the Korean tech giant, Samsung Galaxy S24, is on the move to have a powerful battery-driven integration with enhanced RAM, better storage, and a faster GPU, among other features. Samsung has collaborated with two Chinese firms and will together develop and build research upon the new battery stacking technology to enable powerful batteries without having to change the size of the battery.

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The R&D division of the Korean tech corporation Samsung SDI, which is in charge of battery technologies, is creating new battery technology. According to The Elec, Samsung SDI is working to develop an improved battery that might provide greater vitality capacity for storage in the same amount of space. 

By utilising the battery stacking technique Gen 5 batteries for EVs can be produced, the business hopes to accomplish this. When this new technology is downsized for processing in smartphones and tablets, it might increase capacity by up to 10% while taking up the same amount of space.

Samsung SDI has teamed up with two Chinese companies, who will work together in a joint venture to create a novel battery technology for use in personal gadgets. The business plans to stack batteries at its facility in Cheonan, South Korea, using its cutting-edge equipment. According to reports, Chinese joint venture businesses are also opening offices in South Korea to cooperate with Samsung SDI. At its manufacturing facility in Tianjin, Samsung has also installed a test production line using tools from Shenzhen Yinghe Tech.

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The forthcoming battery technology will certainly be advantageous for the Samsung Galaxy S24 premium series and possibly other premium tablets and smartphones from the manufacturer as well. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series may also have an additional 144Hz high refresh rate panel and a quicker GPU than the impending iPhone 15.

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