Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Prime Video to be renamed Amazon TV, will get more expensive

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Amazon Prime OTT platform has become fairly popular in India. After all, it has such amazing content for you to watch. From Prime Originals shows and movies to the OG English, Hindi as well as regional movies, Prime has it all.

But there are certain major changes that the Prime will be implementing. First, is it’s name and second, is the Membership amount. Certain eligible individuals were presented with a survey for the name change with a lot many options and finally Amazon came to a conclusion. Let’s discuss the changes one by one.

Change of name for Amazon Prime 

According to the survey, a lot of names like Amazon Stream, Amazon+, Amazon Streaming, Amazon Premier etc. were suggested. But finally the name Amazon TV was finalised. 

Amazon hasn’t given an official statement about this yet. But the survey image features titles which aren’t available on Amazon yet, for instance: Avatar: The Way of Water and also titles from HBO as Hotstar doesn’t have the titles anymore. So, it can only be predicted that the OTT platform will soon bring these titles and with that the brand new name. 

Changes in the Prime Membership amount

For India, the Amazon Prime Membership started from ₹179 monthly which was implemented back in December, 2021. As for the quarterly amount it was ₹459, the Annual Prime Membership was for ₹1499 and the Annual Prime Lite membership for ₹999. 

But now there is a hike in the price for the monthly and quarterly packages. The monthly subscription of Prime is for ₹299 and quarterly is for ₹599. There hasn’t been any change in the Annual and Annual Lite subscriptions yet, hopefully there won’t be any in the near future. 

Also, Amazon has been promoting “free app” use recently. This gives the probability that Amazon might also have a freemium model which would allow users to watch only certain content that too with advertisements. This hasn’t been officially announced by Amazon yet, so it still remains under the terms of speculation. 

Coming to the existing subscribers of Amazon Prime. For them there won’t be any change in the price of the Prime subscription. Also when the time to renew their membership arrives, they still can get it at the old price. 

So, the hike has already been confirmed and implemented but the new name hasn’t been used yet and also awaits an official declaration from the company.

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