Monday, June 5, 2023

IRCTC scam alert: Fake IRCTC app is stealing people’s money, here’s how

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The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has alerted people to think wisely before taking any steps. There are hackers and seamsters who have made a fake IRCTC app as well as a fake IRCTC website through which it’s easy to scam Android users and get their personal information. 

IRCTC has sternly asked Android users not to download any file sent to them on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram which is named “irctc.connect.apk”. The hackers have also set up a fake website:

What happens if you install the fake IRCTC app or visit the website?

So, IRCTC is stating that the app is a malicious file, which when installed will set up malware on your phone. This has the potential to steal all your data.

Coming to the website mentioned earlier, it seems very similar to the official IRCTC website. But what can happen through this website is disastrous. If you enter your details and especially your banking or UPI details then you are making the work of these fraudsters easier. That is exactly what they want.

Some reports indicate that these tricksters have also impersonated IRCTC officials and called up people in order to persuade them to install the app or use the website. 

How can you avoid and keep yourself guarded against this IRCTC scam? 

Ensure that you don’t download any IRCTC app which doesn’t come from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Don’t install any apps through side-loaded APKs.

No IRCTC official will call and ask you to install any app. So, if you receive calls like that don’t listen to a word they say. That will just lead to you entering your personal and bank details on the fraud app and losing a sum of money from your account. 

IRCTC has strictly sent out a message that they never ask for any OTPs, PINs, Credit card numbers, Bank account details, UPI details or any such personal details over a call.

Not just IRCTCs, avoid installing any app from a random link sent over WhatsApp, Telegram or any messaging app and don’t pass on any details if you receive a call from someone saying they are from IRCTC.

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