Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Google Meet now supports 1080p video: Here’s how to enable it

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Google Meet has majorly evolved in terms of the way it looks and its features, especially over the pandemic years. With Google bringing in updates and new features to all its applications, Google Meet too has received an important new feature.

Earlier the maximum video resolution that Google Meet supported was 720p, which wasn’t really up to the standard of the present day. So, finally Google came up with the solution and announced that from now on Meet will support 1080p resolution videos. 

But, every good thing comes with challenges and so does Google Meet. Let’s have a look at how to get started with 1080p resolution and what is the challenge that you might face. 

How to get started with 1080p video resolution on Google Meet?

Generally the feature will be off as that’s what the default suggests Google Meet on any device. For users of the app, in order to switch on the 1080p resolution, first go to the app’s settings and then tap on video. Once the page opens at the end there will be a drop-down menu saying Receive resolution, there you will have to choose “Full high definition (1080p).” Then you can use your Google Meet with the highest video resolution.

Also, users may even get a pop-up which would allow them to choose the 1080p resolution if they are willing to and if their internet would back them up for it. 

What are the twists while using 1080p resolution on Google Meet?

These aren’t twists, but are requirements which if you don’t have, you won’t be able get access to the 1080p video resolution on Google Meet. 

Firstly, for having a 1080p video resolution, your webcam should be able to support it and presently even latest laptops like MacBook Pro 13-inch doesn’t support it. Second, the resolution feature will only be available if you are using Google Meet on your PC, laptop or any other device except for your phone. Third, in order to send videos in 1080p, more bandwidth and computing power is required than any lower resolution. 

If your bandwidth is perfect then Meet will adjust to the system on its own. Fourth and the most tricky one is you can only access the 1080p resolution when the meeting is between two participants. Hopefully, this will develop soon and meetings with more people can also have this feature.

So, the new resolution is still very new and would need some time to develop more and of course the devices will also soon be compatible enough to use this new feature of Google Meet. 

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