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Apple working on emotion measuring tech, health services with advanced AI

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In the area of health and wellness, Apple Inc. is renowned for its revolutionary products and services. The business has a history of developing tools and apps that aid in tracking health and even saving lives. Apple is currently expanding the capabilities of AI once more. 


According to reports, the corporation is working on technologies for measuring emotions as well as a new health counselling service powered by artificial intelligence. With the help of these new capabilities, users will be able to take a more detailed and individualised strategy for their health and well-being.

Apple is ready to launch a new coaching service codenamed Quartz, says Bloomberg report. The service will primarily work on motivating users to exercise and prompt healthy eating habits and sleep cycles. The fundamental idea of working on this program is to establish a combination of machine learning and data to build a personalised training program for individual users. However, these announcements are yet to be released and can be anticipated in the coming week.

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Apple has announced plans to create an innovative health coaching service as part of a larger initiative to integrate health features into all of its products, including the Apple Watch. The business’s most recent initiatives in this regard include bringing health software to the iPad and adding capabilities that can help users with eyesight issues. 

However, Apple’s new internal service will have a monthly cost and have an app of its own. The effort is being led by a number of Apple departments, including the company’s services division, health, Siri, and AI teams. Although the service is now scheduled for next year, it could eventually be cancelled or delayed.

A version of Apple’s iPhone health software for the iPad is allegedly also being planned, enabling users to examine their health information, such as ECG findings, in an expanded format. Later this year, iPadOS 17 is expected to include this modification. In medical facilities, wherein tablets are already commonly used, the iPad’s rendition of the health app is intended to improve the app’s appeal.

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According to the source, Apple may update its health app this year with additional features for treating vision disorders, including nearsightedness and tracking emotions. Users of the emotion tracker’s first iteration will be able to record their moods, provide answers to questions about their days, and monitor their progress over time. Apple plans to utilise algorithms in the future to infer a user’s mood from their speech, their written words, and other information on their devices.

In June, during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, it’s expected to introduce a new iPad app as well as tools for controlling vision and emotion. The training service won’t be revealed this year, though. The company’s planned mixed-reality headgear, which includes features like meditation and an optimised variant of Apple’s Fitness+ fitness service, will also play a part in its well-being and health agenda.

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