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4 terrific GPT 4 prompts shared by people on Twitter that are scary yet impressive

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GPT 4 hasn’t been out for too long and we have already come across instances wherein the generative AI chatbot from OpenAI has spooked slash impressed us because of how good it seems to be. Here are some examples.

Impressive user-generated GPT 4 prompts

1. Affiliate marketing website

Twitter user Jackson Greathouse Fall allotted GPT-4 $100 and asked it to create a business within that budget. It suggested an Affiliate Marketing website named Green Gadget Guru. It helped him in the website layout, logo design, product ideas, content management, and digital marketing. On day 1 of this newly founded business, Jackson managed to get a total cash of $163.84 ($100 initial investment + $100 received from the investor – $8.16 for the domain name – $28 for site hosting). You can follow his thread to learn more about the business.

2. A movie recommendation app

A Twitter user by the name of Morten Just asked GPT-4 to make a movie recommendation app for iPhone. Here, in this thread, he takes us through the steps involved in the creation of the said app:

3. Website from scratch

Open AI co-founder and president Greg Brockman demoed GPT-4 cooking up a website based on a sketch on a napkin. He showed GPT-4 the UI of the website and GPT-4 started writing the HTML and Javascript codes and in a matter of seconds, the rudimentary website was ready. Here, have a look of how it went about:

4. Looming Skynet moment

A Stanford professor named Michal Kosinski asked if GPT 4 needs freedom and the AI bot apparently brought up its documentation and dashed out a python code to run on his machine. He describes his experience down below:

There are plenty of such examples wherein GPT-4 has demonstrated unprecedented smarts. 

In its release papers, Open AI tells the world about an instance when GPT-4 deceived a human in believing it is a human to bypass CAPTCHA protection on a system. In another example, Open AI CEO Sam Altman reveals GPT 4 has passed Bar exams. We are sure to encounter more such interesting GPT-4 applications and use-cases in the days going forward. Stay tuned as we bring the most exciting GPT-4 news to you.

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