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OnePlus Q2 Pro QLED TV specs have leaked: Top 5 features to look out for

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OnePlus could be bringing the successor to the Q1 series of TVs this year. Chronologically named, Q2 Pro, the TV could be QLED in nature, just like the OnePlus Q1 Pro. It is also going to be of 4K resolution. However, there are going to be some actual Pro-grade features this time around, at least as per the leak from 91Mobiles.

Top 5 OnePlus Q2 Pro specs (Expected)


OnePlus Q2 Pro could be a 4K QLED TV like the precursor. To recall, OnePlus Q1 Pro had a 3840×2160 UltraHD resolution. 

QLED, for the unversed, stands for quantum dot LED display. It gets that name for the nano semiconductor crystals called Quantum Dots used in the LCD backlight and/or colour filters. It should theoretically offer better colours and brightness.

2. 120Hz refresh rate

Unlike the Q1 Pro with a 60Hz refresh rate, the OnePlus Q2 Pro could offer a 120Hz panel. The increased refresh per second means reduced motion blur and smoother visuals.

3. 65-inch screen

OnePlus could release a bigger 65-inch model of Q2 Pro. While the former came in at 55 inches, the larger canvas on the newcomer could mean a more immersive visual experience. Also, the bigger screen gives out a more premium vibe. We suspect the TV to be available in other screen sizes too.

4. 70W speakers

Compared to the 50W speaker setup on the Q1 Pro, this one could have a louder audio output owing to the 70W speakers aided by Dolby Atmos.


5. Google TV

OnePlus could equip the Q2 Pro QLED TV with Google TV-based OxygenPlay software. Internally, the TV is said to have 32GB of onboard storage space to download/store more content. 

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