Tuesday, March 21, 2023

NATO applauds Germany’s dedication to the Alliance and help for Ukraine

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Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper) During today’s visit to Berlin, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed gratitude to German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius for that country’s valuable contribution to NATO and strong support to Ukraine.

Mr. Stoltenberg praised Germany’s commitment to NATO deterrence and defense at a time when Russia’s war in Ukraine has caused one of the greatest challenges for security in generations. He also commended Germany for providing military, financial, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. He made clear that “weapons from Germany are saving lives in Ukraine every day.”

Mr. Stoltenberg pointed out the fact that Germany is one of the Allies that are providing the most support when it comes to artillery, ammunition, advanced air defense systems, the Guards, the IRIS-T, and also now heavy infantry fighting vehicles, the Marders. “These are important armored capabilities that significantly strengthen the combat capability of Ukraine”, he said.

Secretary-General said that he agrees with the Chancellor and the Minister that it is needed to remember and recognize these significant German contributions. He reminded that the other Allies are providing similar capabilities, air defenses or armored vehicles, and infantry fighting vehicles.

The Secretary-General stressed that Russia’s president Putin is planning new offensives, and there are no indications he has changed his goal of controlling Ukraine. Hence, the only way to lasting peace is to make clear that Russia cannot win on the battlefield – it was noted during the meeting. Mr. Stoltenberg praised recent announcements from Allied nations to increase their support to Ukraine, including the delivery of tanks. 

Mr. Stoltenberg said, “at this pivotal moment in the war, we must provide heavier and more advanced systems to Ukraine, and we must do it faster.” He welcomed the discussion with minister Pistorius on the issue of battle tanks, adding that consultations among Allies will continue and there will be a solution soon.

While addressing the discussion on the Leopards, Mr. Stoltenberg said that he thinks that it is a kind of natural part of an evolving policy when it comes to exactly what kind of capabilities NATO should deliver to Ukraine.

“That’s part of being an Alliance of 30 Allies and actually we’re also working with a lot of partners as we did in Ramstein, to consult, to assess, and then to make decisions in close consultation. And also, I welcome, of course, the message from the Minister that there will be a conclusion soon because time matters, and big announcements were made last week. And there will be new announcements as we move forward as an Alliance”, said NATO Secretary-General.

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