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Greece, (Brussels Morning Newspaper)  Europe is faced for the first time in decades with challenges in all areas of its political sphere. The war in Ukraine is one side of the coin as it is taking place in Ukraine.

The real problem is the policies implemented to combat the energy crisis, austerity, security, and social cohesion in Brussels affecting all the member states. Currently, all the political parties are looking for solutions to promote their agendas and advocate for them. 

Last month the European Forum took place in Athens, showing its support to the Greek citizens and also in a symbolic place for democracy and integrity. 

The European Forum of Left, Green, and Progressive Forces is one of the main political spaces for a pluralistic exchange of views for a democratic, social, ecological, feminist, and peaceful transformation of Europe. 

It is a unique project in which the Left, Greens, and Progressives can come together and share their struggles. They want to shape – and fight for – alternative, fairer and greener solutions to the crises facing Europe.

The 2022 edition took place at a time when Europe is facing historic challenges in terms of peace and collective security of the continent, its social and ecological future, and respect for its principles of human rights, hospitality, and solidarity. The European Forum seeks to build a new project for peace for all in Europe and a new social and ecological project for the future.

Europe is facing historic challenges

From the beginning, the governments of EU members saw Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a violation of fundamental international law and a test for the entire union. As a result, the EU reacted quickly and with extraordinary cohesion and tenacity. Even nations that have previously maintained cordial ties with Russia followed suit.

This reaction did not go unanswered by the other side and Moscow’s allies, official and unofficial, leading Brussels to a crisis. A crisis that, in order to become as smooth as possible, will have to find a way out through social programs and ensure the well-being of its citizens. Otherwise, it will have failed based on what Moscow is projecting.

Brussels Morning asked Pierre Laurent, French politician, journalist, Ex-director of L’Humanité, and former leader of the French Communist Party (PCF) acting as Coordinator of the European Forum to share his honest concerns about the current European disability. 

Pierre Laurent

We must take a new path in Europe. To succeed in the ecological transition of the continent by ensuring the reduction of inequalities and strengthening its economic sovereignty. To face the return of war and the need to rebuild the bases of collective security in Europe. 

The relaunch of a democratic construction of Europe on the basis of a new respect for the peoples of Europe and their expectations. Europe is threatened by the breakup, the resurgence of nationalism, and the xenophobic temptation of the extreme right, the Forum’s mission is to be the place of dialogue for all the forces of the green left and European progressives to build together a future of progress for Europe that meets its challenges and ward off its dangers.”

True independence?

For years Europe was a brilliant economic model for many. But how true this model was stable and based on the interests of its citizens was proven through the crises of the last years.

Relying on the capitalist dictates of London, New York, and Chicago but with Russian resources, the European model was just a matter of time before it collapsed. And Berlin and Paris have a big role in this, as once again they failed to cooperate at a high level and assume their responsibilities. More the Bundestag, of course, as the economic crisis brought it to the fore on a daily basis.

When confronted with this serious situation and other conflicts around the world, the EU should also be aware that the solution does not lie in escalating warfare between militaries that are already well-armed.

The COVID-19 epidemic has demonstrated to us that “human security” is dependent upon meeting all fundamental requirements, including housing, food, a job that is decently paid, access to clean water, and, of course, social protection, public health systems, and public services.

These are the only assurances that the urgent issues of the environment, social injustice, and the defense of human rights will be addressed.

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